Welcome to the New Reddit Search

This is the new Reddit search that offers the ability to search for both Reddit comments and submissions. Currently, the database has over 3 billion comments and submissions and is constantly updated live. You can start searching by using the search bar at the top of the page. To narrow down a complicated search, you can also click on the magnifying glass to bring up more advanced search options. The layout of menus and results is still a bit wonky, but should be cleaned up in the next few weeks. Pushshift.io is not affiliated with Reddit in any way.

Powerful Moderator Controls

Eventually, this project will include moderator controls that will allow moderators to quickly find specific posts or to perform other mod functions on a global scale. Each subreddit will have its own control panel that will offer full control while showing real-time statistics for that particular subreddit.

Interactive Graphs

All Graphs will eventually be interactive. Selecting a time range will change results to that specific time period. Clicking a specific subreddit will bring up top submissions for that subreddit. The goal is to put the end-user in complete control of big-data!